Review of Twine [12k1084]

Musique Machine (.COM)

Twine brings together two Us based purveyors of electro-acoustic ambience. The seven track CD is a journey into instrumental loop based ambience & sonic mood setting, which is alive with micro tonal detail & pleasing yet subtle noise elements.

Twine is the third collaborative release between this pair, and it’s clear to hear they are both comfortable with each others working patterns, and work well together to create something that is distinct from each others solo outputs. The tracks are based around just four instruments: electric piano, bells, & stringed instruments. These are added to by a selection of mono tape loops that the pair manipulate- then the whole thing was recorded onto a reel-to-reel tape machine.

The seven tracks here have a running time between the three, and eight minute mark with a total album running time of just under forty four minutes. Each track sets out a series of simple looped instrumental patterns, which the pair let play out in an often lulling, slightly melancholic, and dusty manner. We move from the lumbering & faded day-glow reputations of the opening track “Draw”- which brings together wavering electric organ, caught guitar, & tape hiss ‘n’ crackle. Onto the slow-mo & slightly eerier sea-sick, yet soothing harmonics of “Buoy”- with it’s blend of gently see-sawing feedback, lulling vibe pitter-patter, looped creaking’s, and lo-fi late night insect like crackle. Through to lulling & mellow drift of “Wake”- which brings together strummed & creaking guitar elements with warming lo-fi drone circulations.

Twine is a album you can either let simmer & ebb in the background, or enjoying as a closer & more concentrated listening experience- either way it’s a most satisfying & worthy journey into electro-acoustic ambience.

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