Review of Aix [12k1051]

Musique Machine (.COM)

Aix sound is about the sleek and rhythmic cutting of instrumental textures and field record elements to make sophisticated, atmospheric and often tuneful electro acoustic IDM. Often Aix feels like a more worldly wise, sleek and grown up version of Aphex Twins early string and instrumental cut-up tracks, but with out the drill ‘n’ bass elements.

It’s the detailed and often quirky yet never playful selection of sounds that Ielassi users that makes this all so rewarding, replayble and at times pretty damn head spinning stuff. Take track two which utilizes cut guitar string sharpness, rhythmic wood tapping, sudden piano hits, a zip and a spray cut sound- all to make this wonderful strange yet hypnotic and rhythmic track. Or track five where things are a little slower and bass lined with Ielasi pulling togeather droning almost 80 dub synth bass lines, sudden sonic jump cuts, looped bell toning elements and stuck string element groove. All to feel like Steve Reich going bass bound IDM mixed with stuck 80’s teen movie synth drone. Or the dramatic last track which takes barren and sometimes discordant acoustic guitar pull element, with double bass jazz runs, gloomy brass swoons and melancholy organ dwell- all to make a mean ‘n’ moody yet often jarring exit.

All told Aix is an enjoyable and sleek slice of electro acoustic IMD with Ielassi proving he can easily make music that’s shape, clever, memorable and of course sophisticatedly beat bound. Another winner from the always rewarding and inventive 12k label.

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