Review of Volume Objects [12k1045]

Musique Machine (.COM)

Volume Objects presents the listener with nine separate audio snap shots or sound paintings that mix together environmental recordings, minimalist electronica elements, ambience, subdued guitar and other instrumental elements.

For most of it’s near 45 minutes playing time it stays subtle, ambient and quite subdued in it’s execution- there nothing that jumps out at you here most of the tracks are really best described as slow shifting and quiet audio canvas. Though at the same time there’s often quite a deep weaves & maps of smaller sounds, tiny sonic details and harmonic touches to keep ones mind interested. I have to say I enjoyed the more defined rhythmic moments on display here -where jittering beat patterns are allowed to build up a constant skeletal structure over the ambient tides of melody and texture like on the wonderfully titled “Heated Dust On A Sunlit Window”. Some of the tracks here seem a little too vague and unfocused for their own good- drifting from one element or texture to another in a rather woolly manner- but on the whole this is a rewarding enough release.

Though certainly not one of my favourite releasers on the 12k label who are renowned for their releasers that aptly mix of ambience, electrontica and organic elements together- it’s far from a complete failure with some very effective moments here & there.

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