Review of Map In Hand [12k1040]

Musique Machine (.COM)

This Australia three piece really carve out a beautiful and sometimes aching sadly mix of guitar textures, piano and electronic drones. Always having an ear for sun-warming–the-skin melody or gentle leaf falling tunefulness. The sound here is much like the albums cover picture, which is of a hazy sunshine casting its light on a field of long grass, just as autumn dusk is edging in. It feels both tranquil, warmly mellow, with a slight shrug of melancholy.

They weave into their ambient come instrumental music: bluesy guitar hovers and twangs, folky richness and peaceful slumbering drones. Electronics are present here, as well as a few glighty moments, but there kept to a minum. They concentrate more on organic quality of their sound, the smoothness and graceful shaping of melodies; make this feel very natural and uncontrived. When I first heard this it brought to mind a less troubled and more ambient take on some of Vincent Gallo instrumental/soundtrack work, this seems to have that similar emotion depth and honest about it, but unfolding in a more relaxed manner. Though only running at just near 40 minutes, it’s a just right sweet sound treat, which played once will invite more and more replays, to languish once more in its warming and calming sound cover.

Yet another enchanting and ever rewarding sound journey from 12k linked labels, who seem to have had a running of near perfect releases this year.

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