Review of Letter Of Sounds [12k1038]

Musique Machine (.COM)

Letter Of Sounds is a mellow colour wash of sound. Mixing soothed glicthy electronics, micro beat complexities, restful electronic pulse, and organic instrumental hues. Really giving the whole album such a dreamy yet focused feel. Been gentle and restful, yet very disciplined and thought out in its execution.

You’ll find your self locked into its sound season from the outset. The opener “02” feels like child’s bike rides through spring colour, both active and warming in its flow. Mixing micro beat patterns, click and weave, ambient guitar sooth and eltro pitter-patter- that keeps the mind active, almost feeling you feel going round the next connor of tree lined, that’s bursting with spring colour road. “Season” finds you watching slow on & off autumnal showers from a calmly lit room. It breaths in a slow revolving melodic pattens of guitar sound, and settling ambience. “Frame” finds us looping through lazy summer air, breeze ruffling ones hair, cricket buzzing off in the distant. You feel like your slowly going from a stroll to a slight jog, as your frame moves from shadow to sunlight of the overhead branches. Folding harmonics and tones, mixes guitar stretched lazy day charms, with electro bend and warmly warp.

A rather captivating collection of beatworks and ambient warmth.

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