Review of Northern [12k1037]

Musique Machine (.COM)

As a child I was fascinated by falling snow, I’d watch from our houses largest window.The heavy flakes spiralling and drifting down, altering the everyday landscape into a wonderful white almost glowing world. Northern recaptures this wonder and the beauty of slowly falling snow perfectly. Influenced by Taylor Deupree move from New York City out into the US country side, at winter time. Its endless rewarding and soothing music that relaxes, but not enough to sleep – just in case you miss an elegant and enchanting sound texture.

The album is constructed using soothing electronics tones and altered organic instruments like guitar and pipes and percussion. All meld together to make a truly captivating and beautiful collection of sound paintings – glitchy element are present, but they have a very calming, cold feel to them. Though out the tracks balance winter glow with heart warming meldioes. The tracks taking the listener through deserted forest painted white, the morning sun just touching the crisp leafs. It brings to mind the joy of been a child, sliding down icy slops on home made sledges. The feel of snow flakes on upturned faces.

One of the most gorgeous and delicately enchanting albums I’ve come across this year, once the album finishers and you’ll find you aching to play it, all over again.

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