Review of Songs [12k1036]

Music Won’t Save You (IT)

(Translated from Italian)

Few images can adapt better than that of the bud of a thin but resistant plant like the rush to the music of Federico Durand, so delicate as to have well-defined traits of a sound naturalism that finds its own metaphor in the sudden manifestation of an inspiration.

In the case of his latest solo work entitled “La Niña Junco”, the engine of creativity was the discovery by the Argentine artist of an old synth, the first on which he had begun to conduct his explorations on the organic components of minute sound particles. Projected back in time, in its shelter in contact with nature, between the valleys of central Argentina, Durand has created in direct turn, in just a couple of days, the nine concise tracks that form “La Niña Junco” and they bear the unmistakable delicate touch.

Only at times characterized by playful pulsations, evidently determined by the found instrumentation, Durand’s compositions brush a microcosm of fragile but perfect equilibriums between impulses juxtaposed in short loops that generate resonances whose voids are filled with a very impalpable dust when decisive in transmitting feelings of immediate creative spontaneity. Although not directly connected to a basic idea coming from the natural environment, as many works by Durand, “La Niña Junco” fits fully into its sound ecosystem, caught in the occasion in the uniqueness of its relationship between individual, time and environment.

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