Review of In Light [12k1057]

Monsieur Delire (FR)

Small Color is a Japanese duo playing VERY ambiant electro-pop – actual minimal, even childish folk with ambient textures. Comparisons are in order with Tenniscoats and Nakisaya (commented on yesterday), though Small Color is not playing the “amateur” card. There’s also a comparison with Tujiko Noriko, although Small Color’s use of electronics is a lot more minor. In fact, most of the 11 songs are built on very simple foundations: acoustic guitar, toy piano, melodica, a bit of accordion or synth, and field recordings for the ambiances. The songwriting is simple but well controlled, the female vocalist (Rie Yoshihara) is enjoyable though not striking. It’s pretty, dreamy, but little engaging. I am mostly surprised to hear this kind of album coming from 12k, a label usually offering ambient experimental electronica. A very lighter day-starter, but enjoyable overall.

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