Review of 1897 [12k1053]

Mojo (UK)

By day, Dr. Cameron Webb works as a medical entomologist, investigating the impact of disease-carrying mosquitos on the wetland regions of New South Wales. In the process he finds himself in strange, deserted landscapes, which provide inspiration for the thirtysomething’s other job, as guitarist in Sydney three-piece Seaworthy. 2006’s Map In Hand used Webb’s field recordings of dawn bird-song as the jumping off point for a dreamlike guitar and electronics pastorale. With 1897 he’s done deeper, starker, crafting a series of guitar improvisations within a 100-year-old decommissioned sandstone ammunitions bunker in Newington, Australia. Using the dark-toned reverb of the bunker and the eeir, rustling quiet of the surrounding marshes, he has created an organic ghostly fantasia, a creaking, chiming chamber piece of rich, lulling melancholy. – Andrew Male

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