Review of Optimal.LP [12k1005]

Mixer (US)

Dan Abrams’ Shuttle358 cut on the ultra keen 12k compilation .aiff sorta stuck out from the rest of the material; where labelhead Taylor Deupree, Komet and other contributors were on the mechanical click side of experimental electronic music, Shuttle358 was a billow of warm smoke slithering along the ceiling in simple, soothing waves of sound. Optimal.lp bears that first appearance out, illustrating that he wasn’t a fluke who couldn’t deliver the goods. take UFOrb, strip it down to its skivvies, and you have the aesthetic that permeates Shuttle358’s tensely dreamy music; it is like an hour-long backrub that knows exactly where to turn up the pressue to induce total relaxation. The undulating tones of the murky “floops” knead slowly over teh whole of your body, building slowly in intensity so that the hard bass drip of “emergent” doesn’t jar. Like a good masseuse, Optimal.lp doesn’t perform for the sake of attention of seduction, but simply because it can. similarly, you will feel a lot better after a session with Shuttle358. – Heath K. Highnight

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