Review of In Light [12k1057]

Metropolis (JP)

This music will put you to sleep. But I mean that in a good way. At the end of your multitasking, hyper-connected day, you need to chill out. And the Yokohama duo of Yusuke Onishi and Rie Yoshihara aim to help. Toward that end, they’ve provided 12 songs of exceeding delicacy, which comprise their new album In Light on ambient/minimalist New York label 12k. Onishi creates a subtle canvas of guitar, banjo, bass and a mere hint of programming, against which Yoshihara whispers in the gentlest of voices, sometimes coloring the atmosphere with a dab of accordion. The plangent, minor/major key alternations of “Heaven Knows” was a favorite, as was the evocatively titled “Arrows of Time.” Somewhere between folk and downtempo, J-pop and ambient lie Small Color, awaiting your discovery.

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