Review of Snow (Dusk/Dawn) [12k2016]

Mess And Noise (AU)

Taylor Deupree has consistently been a source of inspiration since first hearing the endlessly repeating digital minimalism of Stil. back in 2003. More concisely, I exist indebted to him for introducing me to such forms of experimentation that, to some extent, I am still attempting to approximate with my own music to this day. The cohesive aesthetic and structure of his label (12k) has long been a benchmark I strive for with R + N as well, with his latest project of only 63 copies resting as an exemplary release.

Snow (Dusk/ Dawn) is a study in the meshing of low tech sources and high minded execution. Old synthesizers, field recordings, and subtle percussion erect layers of pulsing, softly bristling static that seems to slowly stretch outward from the corner of a room. It unfolds beautifully, shrouded in compelling mystery. The music that clings to the 3” CD of Snow (Dusk/ Dawn) may only be 18 minutes long, but the effect of the music is echoed in the packaging. Each copy comes equipped with a photo of a landscape that was taken on aged and flawed Polaroid film, frequently faded and darkened to a flow of muted color. It took only a few hours to transform the photographs, but a copy of a freshly taken Polaroid is also included – brimming with life and detail before time drained it of such things.

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