Review of Ocean Fire [12k1046]

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Although their names might not instantly ring any bells, Christopher Willits and Ryuchi Sakamoto are two talented individuals who have come together to produce Ocean Fire, a sublime soundtrack for the ocean.

Sakamoto has been producing ground breaking music for decades, including his work with Yellow Magic Orchestra, the Japanese pioneers who along with Kraftwerk led the development of electronic music. He’s also composed numerous film scores, mostfamoulsy for The Last Emperor. Willits, a youngster in comparison to Sakamoto, doesn’t have quite as lengthy resume, but his computer work with guitars has gained him renown in the avant-garde electronic world and he’s been involved with numerous collaborations.

The pair have stretched each other’s limits with this album. At times sonically fuzzy and turbulent, other times velvety smooth and rippleless, the music very much mirrors the surface of the oceans which the pair claim as their inspiration for the album. It’s an electronic ambient album that has a sonic immenseness to it that at times seems too large to comprehend, while at other times inhaling to a couple of solid notes that resonate solidly. It’s out February 12th here in the States, but if you can’t wait it’s available as an import.

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