Review of Disappearance [12k1076]

LoopCL (CL)

Since 2006, electronic composer Taylor Deupree who run minimalist 12k label based in New York and renowned Japanese pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto have been working together for different projects. ‘Disappearance’ arises from the preparation of a concert held in April 2012 at the club The Stone of John Zorn. The initial themes of this album were recorded in the studio in New York Sakamoto and corresponds to the rehearsal for the concert. The other two tracks is the delicate and careful work of both musicians where noises are recorded in the recording room alongwith Sakamoto’s piano playing, in its traditional form and prepared piano and Deupree’s analog synth sounds, strings and found objects.

The album offers a warm atmosphere with its beautiful and brief piano notes that leave room for silence and at the same time subtly disturbing noise by scraping the piano strings (‘Ghost Road’). In this ambience there are micro minimalist sounds that are made by the musicians when they perform different movements while playing, which gives an intimate and natural feeling. On ‘Curl To Me’, Ichiko Aoba, singer-songwriter from Tokyo, interferes with the sounds of sighs and soft song while heartbeat echoing in the background.

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