Review of Perpetual [12k1082]

Loop (CL)

Ryuichi Sakamoto, icon of contemporary music was joined by Taylor Deupree, featured sound artist from Brooklyn who co-runs the 12k label (formerly headed Instinct Records in the 90’s) alongwith Richard Chartier and artists Corey Fuller and Tomoyoshi Date who work under the moniker of Illuha in a live performance to mark the 10th anniversary of the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media. This concert was also accompanied by the installation of Sakamoto, ‘Forest Symphony’.

This is the second time that Ryuichi Sakamoto and Taylor Deupree work together after his album ‘Disappearance’ (12k, 2013).

All of them had never worked together, however, we can appreciate that in this performance of improvised music playing piano, guitar, harmonium, synthesizers and found objects, they show a painstaking and creative work.
‘Perpetual’ consists of three movements that spread in ambient with beautiful melodies through keyboards lines, recordings voices and the work with found objects that give an eerie halo. Remarkable work!

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