Review of Air Curtain [12k1029]

Loop (CL)

After having composed several interesting albums for his electro-acoustic quartet Minamo, and a duo as Fonica, Keiichi Sugimoto has devoted himself to the project Fourcolor. His latest release titled Air Curtain is the one to review. Perfectionist musician, he has composed a new work, moving a step ahead in comparison to his previous Water Mirror. It’s important to refer to his preceding album in order to appreciate the evolution of Fourcolor sound. In Water Mirror there was a drone exploration, a use of guitar, an attention to acoustic resonance on top of a base underlining precious and minimal elements of his music. In his most recent work Sugimoto explores some different processes. The structure is different, in despite; in the album he is using drones and guitars. You need to pay attention while listening to this record, his music is delicate. There are some almost imperceptible details that in fact are enriching a truly evocative album.

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