Review of Mount Carmel [12k1090]

Le Devoir (FR)

Translated from French:

It is not quite a contemplative music, but certainly a researcher’s music, turned towards the subtle movements of an outside whose meaning, soft and fleeting, sometimes merge into one another. It is absolutely necessary to despair several times this Mount Carmel, fourth album of Mike Grigoni, if only to hear each time this resonance, this radiance, this outcrop of dobro, lap steel, pedal steel which we had escaped. Of an exceptional sensitivity, Mount Carmel marks the tipping of the American musician in the ambient, even if his original folk remains in gracious drawings in melodies like hot air balloons. Inspired by the places of his childhood, this meticulous work perhaps gives the best of the way Mr. Grig, who appears completely free on the rickety thread of emotion. Listen to “Call'”s expressiveness and survivor “B”‘s fragility – they show how attentive the musician is to all these tiny clues of life and memory, everywhere, at any moment.

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