Review of Looping I-VI (And Other Assorted Love Songs) [12k1028]

Just Add Noise (US)

From one of the electronic music scene’s most well known artists, (and a founding member of the Raster-Norton collective) comes one of the most compelling soundscapes put to disc to come across our ears in quite some time, Looping I-VI (And Other Assorted Love Songs). Not your traditional love songs, but more like two slowly evolving love songs to the synthesizer comprised of electronic loops composited in a way that builds layer upon layer creating complexity from minimalistic simplicity.

When you hear the word “looping” in the name of a record, you probably aren’t prepared for what you are about to hear on this one. Looping without repetition. The sound is ever changing and along with synth and software, each track has exclusive elements of what could be cymbals, chimes, organic drums and distorted guitar plucks to call it’s own. Although there is no discernable break between tracks, only a sonic pulse and brief silence between the two distinct sections of the record, the mood and tension progress towards a climax and ultimately a finale.

The addition and multiplication of sonic layers and textures are the antithesis to the subtraction of sound information that made The Disintegration Loops a thoroughly enjoyable listen. The process behind Disintegration┬ámade for a provoking story, however the quality and accessability of this record has prompted it to make it’s way to my CD player many times over that of Disintegration.

Headphones are highly recommended to fully appreciate the subtleties.

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