Review of Lua [12k3018]

Irregular Crates (.COM)

Now it’s records like this that have been responsible in the past for our lengthy reviews and ramblings – the very thing that has slowed this blog down over the last 12 months. So we’ll try and keep it brief – it can often be so difficult to keep words to a minimum when it comes to records as mesmerisingly beautiful of this short album by Will Samson on 12k. ‘Lua’ was recorded as Will had a sudden injury to his mouth and teeth making him unable to sing. Having enjoyed his previous work, singing is certainly something that’s present within his records but I wouldn’t have said that I like his work due solely to his voice. However, I am really fond of the way he approaches his composition. What’s interesting with Lua, is that he manages to ‘liquify’ his more structured sound into something more Ambient and befitting of the 12k label. Perhaps without the singing, Will has approached things with less of a structured song in mind. I’m already getting carried away with my thoughts on this beautiful set of recordings so I’d best not start a new paragraph…

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