Review of For Myria [12k1043]

Igloo Mag (.COM)

Opening in a gorgeously processed title track filled with wavering, glowing tones and sparkly crackle Sheffield’s Jodi Cave makes a stunning debut. Equal parts Kim Cascone and Nobukazu Takemura, the blend is something freshly toothy to the touch, and bits of a lullaby. Incorporating samples and field recordings he uses music boxes and the meandering of a toothbrush(?) on “Rara.C” which sounds dreamy and exploratory. There’s a train whizzing by atop a twinkling flash of tiny clicks and a daydream harmony that is residual from “For Myria (Two)” which is a sleepy piece that sounds a whole lot like labelmate Skoltz_Kolgen. The “Unititled” tracks seems oddly different from the rest here. Contemplative, drawn, paced like a gauzy funeral dirge. Throughout Cave conducts a whole ritual of moving physical objects about with the additions of peculiar birds, breath and other vestiges emanating sound in her surroundings. For Myria is so full of emotive, tones in a multitude of strange hues, dark and light, and everyday.

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