Review of Ballads Of The Research Department [12k1068]

Hi Fly (DK)

The Boats is a group consisting of Craig Tattersall & Andrew Hargreaves, who operates within and on the borders of ambient, pop, classical, experimental. The title refers to the groups different approaches to ‘ballads’ in a conceptual context. Although it might sound quite pretentious, thankfully it’s not with no over romanticized and childish IDM thematics in sight. The album comes in four different intervals with the Janek Schaefer ‘Inner Space Memorial [for J.G.Ballard]’ resembling intro of ‘The Ballad for Achievement’. Icey but yet colloidal layers of bombarding vocal pads, dominates the first 3 minutes of the track, only to undergo a subtle replacement by gentle, static noise, pianos and lush cello. The cello dominates the remaining three ballads in unison with slick, jangling guitars, calm vocals and reluctant drums, all making a very nice touch to a splendid album.

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