Review of Sart [12k1042]


American electronic label 12k’s roster has taken a slight shift of late, and Pjusk are one of a number of new signings that show the label’s newfound explorations into electronic sound. Based in Norway, Pjusk create a sound palette from disparate collections of electronic fragments, strings, looped samples and other audio debris. From this collection they construct an unusual sounding set of works that maintains a darker edge than you might first expect.

Unresolved strings pads, vocal interludes, eerie percussive slices and low grinding heart beat like sounds all cluster together to create a warm but unsettled sound environment.

Pieces such as “Dur” perhaps epitomise this record – low-level clouds of audio crackles and splutters (sourced from vinyl perhaps) create a basis on which a spiralling piece of gentle electronica emerges. It’s restrained, but at the same time full bodied and engaging. This is repeated in “Vag”, which again retunes the ears with small electronic sounds, before allowing richer sounds to enter the mix. Norway is cold for much of the year, so warm tones like this make a whole lot of sense. – HHH1/2 (Lawrence English)

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