Review of Weather & Worn [12k2012]

Headphone Commute (.COM)

The founder and owner of the acclaimed American ambient and experimental label, 12k, releases a limited 7″ transparent vinyl that will make all drone heads drool. The digital edition contains an additional 23 minute “Still Mix” that in itself is worth obtaining. And on the two title tracks, Taylor Deupree slowly lullabies us with a gentle soundscape evoked by his own playing of e-bow, kalimba, harmonica, tambourine, claves, and an acoustic guitar. A light touch of an effect credited as “Cat Snoring” creates an auditory environment in which you cuddle and drown. This is a beautiful addition to all 12k connoisseurs. Oh, and did you get the Solo Andata release? It’s divine! For another timeless classic, be sure to pick up the 2009 release by Stephan Mathieu and Taylor Deupree titled Transcriptions from Spekk.

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