Review of Superstition [12k2045]

Groove (DE)

(Translated from German)

The late encounter of the Japanese electronics avant-garde in the form of Minamo & Moskitoo was a long time coming and has now happened completely unexpectedly. Superstition (12K), however, easily fulfills all expectations of such a supergroup. Minamo, who have now shrunk to a duo of guitarist Keiichi Sugimoto and laptop electro-acoustician Tetsuro Yasunaga, have not released anything in ten years, and the diva of super-subtle glitch pop Sanae Yamasaki alias Moskitoo is also extremely reserved when it comes to blowing out new material. Together they act wonderfully liberated in the context of their naturally still super-fragile, super-sensitive electronic sounds, which are fascinatingly new and different here thanks to Yasunaga’s breathed vocals.

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