Review of Loss [12k2037]

Groove (DE)

(Google translation from German)
For the sound artist Marcus Fischer, who lives and works in the northwest of the USA, the analogue noise of old music media, tape machines and amplifiers has become the central concept of music production. Fischer assumes that there are sparse sounds from acoustic guitar, glockenspiel or cheap keyboards and subjects them to a complex procedure of smoothing in numerous memory, playback and recovery cycles. The loss of dynamics inherent in this process, the added lyres and crackles blur the originally simple and clear Lo-Fi sound elements into a nostalgic polaroid wall behind sepia-colored fog noise. The paradoxical art that Fischer has perfected on his fourth solo album, Loss (12k), is that this “lowest-Fi” ghostly ambient in an almost dialectical inversion sounds exceedingly noble and expensive in the sense of an analogous “vintage” perfection.


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