Review of La NiƱa Junco [12k2036]

Gonzo (NL)

(Translated from Dutch)

Federico Durand can not be removed from these columns, and rightly so. He releases one after another album with a game based on minimal electronic means. He himself seems to have reached a higher state some time ago, witness the calm and clear conscience that his music is so imbued with. For `La Nina Junco ‘, the producer worked with even less than before, so he only used a simple synthesizer with some analog effects. In two days time everything is recorded, and for such a beautiful album that is a big performance. The crystal-clear tone, the feeling of zen and sun, the dream-like atmosphere and the worldly inconveniences: ‘La Nina Junco’ is a free fall backward in bliss. It seems that the Argentinian can withdraw all the time in the moment itself, and that the correct fitting-extracts the note from it. Beauty.

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