Review of Live In Melbourne [12k2008]

Gaz Eta (PL)

One presumably warm April night in 2007 in Melbourne’s Northcote Social Club, a performance of new music was featured by two Australian acts – Solo Andata and Seaworthy – along with one American – 12k founder, Taylor Deupree. Other than to celebrate Taylor Deupree’s tour of Australia at the time, the shared gig was missing an outright premise. Though each of these artists shares a common aesthetic, each one had a slightly different perspective into musical process that was laid out. Since one of the members of Solo Andata [Paul Fiocco] moved to Sweden in 2005, I’m not sure whether their track is a solo piece or whether it was made as a duo collaboration. Whatever the case may be, at least Kane Ikin was present. With his laptop in tow, along with small percussion instruments, the seventeen minute piece is brimming full of delicate, textural mass and gentle repeating taps on some wooden object. Very satisfying piece it is. The trio Seaworthy centers around guitars, piano, electronics and field recordings. It’s the guitar that drives things forward on their track, while gentle drones provide a nice bed of comfort. Percussion is quite minimal, while pacing is stretched out to the maximum. Last act on the bill, Taylor Deupree gives a stunning performance. Full of far-off crackles, ticks and a drone that is steady throughout, his music is full of unforeseen turns and delicate wonder at every corner. Live in Melbourne is one great concert that we’re lucky to have captured for eternity. – Tom Sekowski

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