Review of For Myria [12k1043]

Gaz Eta (PL)

British sound artists/musician Jodi Cave takes a slightly different approach on his debut For Myria. For one, save for one track that was processed by Taylor Deupree, the album is a solo venture. Another thing is Cave is more obsessed with the micro-tones. Larger picture is that of an overlapping of electronic and acoustic instruments. Sound of vibes, bells, organ, guitar, clarinet, harmonium is interwoven throughout. Best of all, Cave utilizes field recordings to add a further dimension of humanity in his work. “For Myria (One)” contains water dripping inside of an old toilet tank [at least that’s what I’m picking up] and sounds of melting icicles inside a remote cave. “Untitled” is an extended harmonium solo that features a singular tone, with the pitch being altered ever so slightly. Taylor Deupree does a fantastic job in adding additional processing on “Rara. C”, which gives the piece a more eclectic, more knife-sharp feel. Cave’s compositional muscle lies in the fact that he chooses to do a lot with very little. Only a few sounds are ever present in any given piece. This allows listeners to truly concentrate on the work at hand. Rich debut and one that I predict will open the door for bigger and greater things in the future.

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