Review of Sart [12k1042]

Gaz Eta (PL)

Forging a new direction that 12k set out on sometime last year, these two records show a more acoustic, though an equally serene landscape. Both of these artists were already featured on last year’s Blueprints compilation and each one has a tendency to amaze with sounds that are pure and amazingly effective.

Norwegian duo Pjusk is Josetein Dahl Gjelsvik and Rune Sagevik. On their debut, together with four other contributors [guitarists Tor Anders Voldsund and Geir Hornes, flautist Erik Manshaus and vocalist Elisabeth Lahr] they steep themselves in landscapes lush, rich and brimming with the unexpected. Gently humming in a way that is as alluring as it is mysterious, the duo trek through the darklands of musical landscape. Some of the stuff sounds like records spun backwards, while in other places we get gorgeous piano facsimiles that dance with ether smoothness. Delicate bubble-popping sounds mesh with wind-like concoctions on top of occasional rhythms. Yes, there are even beats. Check out the soothing “Anelse” for some spooky softer-than-soft breaks hugged inside of electronic warmth. “Stadig” features what could pass for soundtrack to Pong game that so many of us loved. The bleeping of the ball comes complete with eerie sounds of alien variety. Warmth is not a word I’d use to describe the duo’s general direction. If anything, it’s austere and rather chilly, but chilled in a good way. It’s like a cold glass of vodka in far away Norwegian winter air. It does nothing but warm the insides and leaves a great impression on the listener.

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