Review of Blueprints [12k1039]

Gaz Eta (PL)

In order to introduce the world to six new artists, 12K imprint decided to release a compilation that allowed people to judge each artist’s music on their own terms. Originating from four separate countries – US, UK, Australia and Norway – each act is given two tracks as bragging rights to convince the audience they want to invest in a full-length release down the line. Christmas Decorations explore the world of electronic experimentation that is awash in organic flavours. Addition of electric and acoustic guitars along with infrequent percussion makes their two pieces sound warm and fuzzy. Australian trio Seaworthy concentrate on subtle moving landscapes, textural refinements and stillness. Too intelligent to be called post-rock and too busy to be called ambient, this outfit will have many good things to come in the near future. Another stand-out in the crowd is Norwegian duo Pjusk. Rune Sagevik and Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik create landscapes that are as dark as they are full of deep, pulsating dub notions. British guitarist Leo Abrahams shifts his musical styling between electronic surface and certain elements of rock. Subtle shifts in motion and texture allow his pieces to develop naturally, without any friction. Other highlights here include sparkling improvisations from Jodi Cave and processed field recordings and micro-tonal experiments from Autistici. All of this goes to prove my point, which is; sometimes the most effective introduction is not a business card but actual music.
– Tom Sekowski

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