Review of September 19, 1998 Et Al. [12k1024]

Funprox (NL)

This is the first solo CD by Kenneth Kirschner, who released a collaboration CD on Sub Rosa with Taylor Dupree (Raster-Noton, 12k, Radical Ambient) in 2002. Kirschner’s music is apparently inspired by the avant-garde compositions of Morton Feldman (who release works on Sub Rosa for example). And can be classified as environmental, electro-acoustic or avant-garde. This CD contains three long tracks. the first has sparse and subtle environmental recordings and piano sounds. The other two tracks are more dense, and more interesting. These tracks are very droning and floating, and can be compared to a less threatening version of Daniel Menche and Francisco Lopez mixed with Vidna Obmana and Alio Die. The works on this CD are delicate and beautiful, but, it must be mentioned, not very original.

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