Review of Lost & Compiled [12k2030]

Fluid Radio (UK)

Taylor Deupree’s Lost & Compiled is a record that basks in a warm, hushed glow. The collection is made out of previously unreleased tracks and early mixes that never made the final cut. Songs go through different stages, they alter along the way and sometimes they completely change. Taylor Deupree’s songs never feel like rough cuts or half-finished tracks, though. His songs “go through so many permutations that by the time they are released they have left behind a trail of ghosts”. It is beautiful music, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable with itself. Its kindness is heard in the soft electronic discharge of ‘Sea Last (06.05.08)’, and the drone floats on and on. As if blown through light sails the drone serenely glides, and clean electric guitar melodies blur against the electronic background. Lost & Compiled is incredibly pretty in its own right and provides an interesting look at the music that often gets left behind. Its voice should be heard, but Lost & Compiled is only available in the 12k shop, so be quick.

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