Review of Occur [12k1013]

Faqt (US)

Like a shadow on the sidewalk at night, the dull hum of appliances, or an impossible wind faintly brushing against the hairs on your arm, Occur plies itself on you like a subliminal sensation. Composed via granular synthesis (“Granular synthesis of sound is the generation of thousands of short sonic grains which are combined linearly to form large scale audio events. The characteristics of the grains are definable, and these combine to give the characteristics of the overall sound. However the parameters used in defining the grains do not map directly to the parameters of the large scale event. It is the interaction of the various grain parameters which define the micro structure of an event. The macro structure of an event is generated by the change in the characteristics of the grains.”) by Deupree, the nine tracks on Occur all find points in your memory cache to tickle with prickly pops and muddy bass wobbles. Track four disassembles the memory of the pass-and-run sounds of a daisy wheel printer with years of tape-hiss occlusion, while track six laps shimmering ambient waves against your ears that carry in the occassional staticky detrieus of a decayed beat. Upping the melodic bits and softening the structures of the kind used on last year’s collaberation with Tetsuo Inoue, Taylor Deupree offers Occur as additional proof that he is the Brian Eno (or maybe the Mark Rothko) of the IDM generation. – jason olariu

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