Review of Origin [12k2027]

Experimedia (US)

After 20 years of creating sounds together and weaving their disparate approaches into one, Savvas Ysatis and Taylor Deupree have at last arrived at the fleeting, quiet grandeur of “Origin.”  Where recent collaborations between the two have featured audible instrumentation and even vocals, “Origin” is less legible with fluttering analog wisps and electronic abstractions leaving little trace of what could have created these hushed ambient tones.  Of anything either musician has released – either together or apart – the closest in form and aesthetic is Taylor Deupree’s “Faint,” released just a few short months ago.  Yet, there’s something darker, more guarded about “Origin,” especially during closing track “Sculptor,” that brings an alluring bite to Ysatis and Deupree’s billowing drones.

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