Review of Interstices [12k2028]

Exclaim (CA)

After collaborating on their debut for 12k, Shizuku, Tomoyoshi Date and Corey Fuller were faced with the task of touring their beautiful creation of electronically processed acoustic exhilarants and orchestrated keyboard swells. Interstices is the evidence that they actually exceeded their source material in the exercise, re-presenting it with patience and the deft touch of skilled improvisers. Drones hover near the horizon of perception then reverse on themselves like a flock of morning seabirds, held aloft by updrafts of electric piano or dangling acoustic strings. Elements of the earlier recordings — like the Japanese monologue from Shizuku’s “Seiya” — pop out of the mix like signposts for those who need them, but for the most part the drift of tone and half melody, reminiscent of Mountains at their least enervated, provides enough attraction and gravity to sweep us along.

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