Review of Mitosis [12k1077]

Everything Is Chemical (.COM)

‘Mitosis’ is my first experience with Moskitoo’s sound. Although I am a bit behind, (I believe) this is only Sanae’s (Moskitoo) second official full length since her debut in 2007 (She’s kept herself quite busy with lots of side projects). Like most Experimental-Electronic/Dream Pop (J-Pop) sounds that I love Moskitoo delivers a fresh breath of air via audio waves.

Glitchy Fragment Pop floats and glistens over & in-between mesmerizing waves of twinkly synths, warm drones, laid back acoustic landscapes, and Sanae’s pacifying vocals. Or.. (for comparison purposes) “Caroline meets Miko with a touch of Múm”. ‘Mitosis’ is a shimmering example of how you can mold Electronic music into sincere divine charm. From beginning to end your ear heart will melt for Moskitoo’s ‘Mitosis’ ..which (I believe) is (in someway) cell division at it’s finest;]

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