Review of Dureé [12k1058]

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Minamo’s “Durée” is a special treat for all of you Ambient/Acoustic-Electronic loving fans. The band emerged right around the time this particular style of music was born in Japan, so one might say they are originators in a sense. The style of music I am referring to is “Neo-Ambient” music, which is a mixture of field recordings, stretched/cut/click takes of acoustic guitars, micro electronic sounds/keyboard fx, slight touches of Jazz and Classical music, and long droney sounds with a few other beautiful effects that may be hard to put your finger on. “Durée”, which is a reference to French philosopher Henri-Louis Bergson’s concept of “pure durée,” an idea that one’s consciousness is a constant flow and not something that can be divided, reversed, or measured, is Minamo’s fourth full length album. “Durée” is also off of the STUNNINGLY-beautiful label 12K, which if you know what I am talking about, you know what you’re about to get into.

Most of the music on “Durée” was created from improv, after tightening the direction of the noise a little bit the band then took the music to the studio and created what sounds like a lovely stroll through a beautiful/organic dimension with nothing but the music and your own self-conscience to guide you through. In the past Minamo have focused on creating more of a synthetic environment, with this album they loosen up their instruments and just let whatever flowed out of them become apart of your headphones. You can focus on the acoustic samples in the forefront, or you can pay attention to the drone going on in the background, but no matter what with each listen something new will grow & evolve. To listen to “Durée” is like watching a flower slowly bloom while the environment around it takes on radical new changes.

Droney Micro-Electro-Acoustics may not be for all, but for any of you looking for good sleepy-time music you can finally lay your head on that comfy pillow of yours and relax, your soundtrack has arrived.

Standout Tracks: Elementary Domain, Help Ourselves, First Breathing At Last (my fav track, love the piano on this one)

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