Review of Fridman Variations [12k2041]

Etherreal (FR)

Translated from French:

In the great lineage of the 12k releases, here comes a new album that is both the transcript of a rather exceptional concert (because given in a New York art gallery) and a collaborative outing between the manager of the label and one of his artists. Moreover, this is not the first time that the two men propose a common album, Stephen Vitiello (the second named) being very familiar with these discs in cooperation, testify the five publications already listed on these pages, all with different musicians.

Here, then, it is with Taylor Deupree that it operates, for a largely improvised work, which is hardly a surprise considering the ambient register in which both intervene, based on guitar tablecloths and synth, traversed by some electronic triturations or rhythmic micro-tapping. Placed in a place that welcomes both contemporary artists and concerts, especially in the New Ear Festival, given each beginning of the year, the live takes about twenty minutes and occupies the A side of this vinyl publication. As often with this type of work, the listener is invited to discover the successive inputs and outputs of the various components, to appreciate the luminous tones, characteristic of the musicians signed at 12k, to be lulled by the minimalist atmosphere of the ensemble. who, even when he gains in density on the end of the title keeps a certain hold.

The B side, with programmatic titles, consists of two variations, parts of the same materials as the live, as if Deupree & Vitiello had wanted, by this physical inscription, to prolong their concert. Perhaps less evolutive and taking only the main piece (it must be said that they are only, respectively, ten and six minutes), the two titles of this side B act however as interesting extensions. Privileging sometimes rather clear little notes, sometimes tingling synthetic more loaded, these two pieces thus form a beautiful testimony of the qualities of their authors.

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