Review of Field [12k2039]

Etherreal (FR)

Having only missed three years since its previous long-format (against eleven for the interval before), Shuttle358 takes advantage of this new album to reconnect with the minimal electronics he had developed on Chessa. Melodic bites, small glitches, fragmented vocal appearances, sizzling tablecloths and micro-larsens are thus summoned on the eleven pieces of Field, in a gesture that was once typical of 12k but that the label of New York tended to abandon lately .

It is therefore with a certain amount of interest that we explore this record (published in vinyl and digital format), appearing in a context less bottled than in the 2000s. And this interest is not at all showered, Dan Abrams being always perfectly able to deliver beautiful pieces, constellant its textures of chromatic dust, impeccably sprinkled on a silky carpet (Edule). The Californian also offers beautiful combinations of tapping and small percussive contributions (Divide) or alloys pitting granulosities, cracklings and other rustling (Farming).

Naturally, the ability of the musician to play on the swirling character of his tablecloths has not disappeared with this album; moreover, he knows, within the same piece, combine background circular texture and repetitive mini-rhythm (Sea) or far-away breath and sharp sound (Blue). All this contributes to making Field a great success, a relevant alloy of the different facets of this remarkable minimalist electronica.

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