Review of La Niña Junco [12k2036]

Etherreal (FR)

(Translated from French)

A big year after A Través Del Espejo, album finally quite common in his exploration of the minimal environment, Federico Durand returns already, again on 12k for a work still marked in this musical register. In fact, the Argentinean announces to us to have used, for this long-format available in vinyl and downloading, only one synthesizer (the very first one which it possessed) as well as some pedals of effects. As one would expect, one is then faced with a small-touched talk, often with a beautiful light and grace.

Once again, the process and its result may not stand out enough from what is done in the field, but the elegance of Durand’s music (and some of its titles, such as Lluvia de Estrellas, is “rain of ‘stars’) nevertheless make their small effect, such as the sobriety of its device or the sparkling glare of its components. Never rushing the listener, his compositions are thus deployed as small vignettes, combining the analog sounds a little “poor” of his synth (a Crumar Performer for connoisseurs) and contributions that one could imagine from his daily life (rain which falls on El Cascabel De Plata, for example). The only exceptions to this are the seven minutes and thirty seconds of Lluvia De Estrellas’ caudal, working more on the repetition of the same, in a slow decrescendo which, however, is not boring.

At the discretion of La Niña Junco, one begins to think that this album is probably a form of paragon of this minimal environment favored by 12k including: perhaps not singular enough to be placed higher in a hierarchical classification, however, it appears undoubtedly as a typical work impeccably executed. Casually, it’s not nothing!

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