Review of Break [12k1089]

Etherreal (FR)

Seduced by the two studio albums Illuha, impression reinforced by their live record, we had no news of the duo for four years. True to the musicians he hosts, 12k allows us to find not the two members, but a work of Corey Fuller solo, the reactivation of a solitary approach begun before forming Illuha. In the continuity of the compositions of this formation, the seven pieces of Break will summon electronic elements and real instruments. In this respect, we will sometimes be hard-pressed to truly identify the nature of these, since we are told a piano but it seems to hear a cello, with a game on muted strings (the beginning of Cuttlefish).

No doubt at other times: the piano acts well in main speaker, coated with tablecloths sublimating its melancholy character (the aptly named Lamentation), even if the subject is then made perhaps less singular and more common. A feeling close to a rather ordinary work, although intelligently executed, when feminine vocalises dialogue with a dreamy and improvising piano (A Hymn For The Broken). However, when, on the caudal A Handful Of Dust, the sound of the keyboard is halfway between prepared piano and cottony touch, the exchange with electroacoustic materials (small metallic sounds, tapping) is very convincing.

Beyond, and the piece of opening already indicated, it is when the United States extends over the duration (thirteen or fifteen minutes) that it proves even more relevant, taking advantage of the length to gradually install its components. The repetition of the same theme on the piano, the integration of some rustling, the permanence of a note held in the background, the entrance of a stringed instrument are the characteristics that make “Look Into The Heart Of Light, The Silence” a very interesting piece.

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