Review of Phase Contrast From Recollection [12k3033]

Ethereal (FR)

After some time of releasing projects by artists centered on the guitar and/or vocals, 12k seemed to have moved away from its favorite terrain, namely this minimalist electronics, with reflections bright and discreet glitches. With the signing of Akhira Sano, author of several albums on other labels before, the New York structure returns to this musical register for a long-format of the most beautiful effect, published however only in digital format.

Musical snippets, tapping, small saturations, micro-breaths and rare keyboard notes are thus summoned by the Japanese artist who indicates that he wants to work on the effect of vibrations in the air, which his materials effectively reflect. This set, certainly not very innovative at 12k, does good by its discretion and modesty, never emphasizing its effects or knowing how to nicely balance its components. Conversely, we can criticize it for a lack of flesh or consistency, and a style that is a little too uniform, which tends to make each of the seven tracks of Phase Contrast From Recollection look alike. But we prefer to see in it a mastery of gesture and a coherence of the subject, both caressing and deep, in short, perfectly suited for summer evenings.

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