Review of Upward, Broken, Always [12k2042]

Ethereal (FR)

(translated from French)

A sharp label boss, a technician who is often asked to master, an insatiable musician and a quality photographer, Taylor Deupree maintains a rather impressive level of quality in all facets of his activities. New example with Ohio, duo that he forms with Corey Fuller (half of Illuha and already crossed solo on 12k), whose first album appears on the New York structure, in digital version and in a limited double-vinyl format 125 copies, with only three musical faces, the fourth is beautifully engraved, map IGN.

Moreover, this idea of ​​the map and the territory is at the root of this new cooperation since the two Americans have fortuitously seen being born both in Ohio, not so far from each other. Lovers of the folk musician Damien Jurado, who composed a song on behalf of this state of the North-East of the United States, they decided to reinterpret it (in slow motion, with vocal harmonies, transformation of guitar arpeggios into more untied interventions , removal of the harmonica solo, less direct and poignant character than the original), then draw the thread of this collaboration, in order to write clean songs. It is therefore within the confines of this folk influence and their natural, more ambient accents, that Taylor Deupree and Corey Fuller position their album, especially designed to be listened to in vinyl.

Indeed, each of the three faces consists of a triptych: a piece of pure ambient, a piece with more real instruments and a short interlude, less than two minutes, to finish. The five original proposals stretched out in time are beautiful, both warm and complex, covered with enveloping saturations and some pearl notes, light feedback and hesitant sounds. When guitar or keyboard are invited to intervene, it’s with a comforting delicacy and a hemmed minimalism. In this day, the song or vocalisations of Deupree and Fuller, not necessarily very confident, are perfect marrying these instruments, all these elements forming an absolutely relevant album.

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