Review of Low Flying Owls [12k1099]

Ethereal (FR)

As often with “super groups” or equivalent, one wonders if the experience of a disc will be called upon to be renewed. In 2012, five musicians accustomed to 12k met for a stage performance, immediately translated on disc (but not chronicled on our pages). It took ten years for Taylor Deupree, manager of the New York label, to reactivate this collective, retaining two of the four other contributors, joined by four new musicians. The richness of this septet could have let fear an instrumental debauchery, unbridled and grandiloquent, but we are on 12k, among people of good company, and the tendency is, obviously, to the minimalist.

Lulled by small ramblings on the electronic guitar, the listener travels to the heart of a music between ambient and languid jazz. Not necessarily expected on paper, this coloring nevertheless runs through the record, thanks to Marcus Fisher’s vibraphone crossing a drum set (Know), or Molly Berg’s clarinet emerging from a composite aggregate (Pushed) or female vocalizations (Might). . In a more Americana vein, Stephen Vitiello’s banjo or Michael Grigoni’s lap steel guitar can also make an appearance.

Alongside this, the field recordings of Federico Durand and the electronics of Taylor Deupree take care of the background, concocting minimalist and adapted cases, which can easily be connected to the sea, seen from the Florida studio where began recording this interesting and caressing Low Flying Owls.

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