Review of Hourglass [12k2015]

Electroacoustic Tales (BLOG)

Being a fan of the 12k catalogue and even getting more and more into it I once stumbled upon the collaborative work of 12k label head Taylor Deupree with Savvas Ysatis. Tuning into the preview samples of Hourglass on I decided to purchase this EP release, delivered on a sexy 12″ vinyl with an incredibly beautiful cover artwork. Limited to 400 copies only it also includes a digital download code of the release – something I really hope it once will be delivered with every new vinyl.

Hourglass is not actually what you would have expected spinning a Taylor Deupree release. But maybe that’s the point: it is a collaboration with Savvas Ysatis and the result of joining their musical forces is simply amazing. You don’t have to fall in love with Ysatis’ voice to love the music – but I’m sure with another voice it wouldn’t sound that self-contained. Using mainly harmonica, guitar, bass synths and autoharp (and the voice of Savvas Ysatis) the EP perfectly builds up from ‘Clouds’ to the final ‘Somewhere on earth’. ‘Clouds’ and ‘Like ice on a summers day’ seem to be categorized best with this omnipresent folk/americana genre (I’m using this although I hate categories and other stereotypes to point out the variety of the EP) whilst the piece ‘Hourglass’ is really experimental and with its rich textures and distant understated nearer to Deupree’s solo work. The final track ‘Somewhere on earth’ definitely stands out on this EP. Full of melancholy it creates an incredibly beautiful and harmonic atmosphere to complete the release with its warmth and the peaceful melody. In my very personal opinion Hourglass was the best EP of the year 2009 by far.

To complete my thoughts about Hourglass I want point out that Taylor Deupree already announced the plan to release a sequel release with Savvas Ysatis. I’m really looking forward to that one and also thought about getting their ‘The Sleeping Morning’ in the meantime.

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