Review of Sti.ll [12k2060]

Echoes and Dust (.COM)

Back in 2002, Taylor Deupree one of the more renowned experimental artists working within the range of ambient/neo-classical music came up with one of his best recordings, Stil.

It was one of those, drone-glitch recordings that delved into time/space connotations in music, researching if there is, and how much movement there is in stillness as such.

Twenty years on, Deupree paired with artist/engineer Joseph Branciforte for a different take and exploration of that album’s theme, this time titled Sti.ll.

The difference? Instead of Deupree’s usual setup of electronics and tape loops, he and Branciforte engaged in a completely acoustic ensemble involving flute, cello, clarinet, and other acoustic instruments. In a way, it was a reverse process, as in most cases such musical experiments tended to transform acoustic music/instruments into an electronic/tape loop setting.

It turned out to be quite a painstaking process that took years to complete, with no less incredible results. We get four elongated meditations on movement in stillness, Deupree, Branciforte, and other involved musicians proving that it is not the media you use, but the content that you present that counts. Of course, if that content has true substance, as Sti.ll and its original predecessor do.

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