Review of Sart [12k1042]

E-I (US)

Sart, the fruit of a collaboration between Dahl Gjelsvik and Rune Sagevik (aka Pjusk), displays a greater, not to mention murkier, depth. As with Drape, this recording bears witness to a branching out on the part of 12k, as they apply their refined minimalist approach to the realms of dub, dark ambient, and sound art, respectively. The recording is thus another slab of ghostly, sub-aquatic assemblage of crackles, moans and delicate percussion lattices. More particular to itself, however, are the manners in which its interpenetrating layers create a complex network of cross-connections. Such a structure enables a slipstream of electronic particles to flow into jarring rhythmic judders and a myriad of other soundshapes without easy classification or forensic tracing of their provenance. Even at more extreme ends, ominous bits of ambience are able to open up portals to violently flickering fluctuations of electronic tones and industrial found sound. It’s a work that retains its own sense of charm and magic—indeed, as it stands, Sart is one of the stronger experimental electronica releases of 2007.

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