Review of Drape [12k1041]

E-I (US)

Traversing the poppier plains of the 12k spectrum, the immaterial, crystalline, and microscopic laptoppery of Sanae Yamasaki, aka Moskitoo, enshrouds the organic environment—consisting of guitar, organ, metallophone, and keyboard—like so many specks of snow. Throughout, the quirky processing of Yamasaki takes these basic, ever-shifting rhythmical mosaics and injects them with cirrus detail or colors them with some phosphorescent, atmospheric touches. This approach yields string-caressingly fragile passages interpenetrating with weebling synths or others in which a playful resourcefulness beckons one forward. All of this leaves Drape on a mellow, smoothed out, yet slightly unstable grounding that never goes quite so far as blandness.

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