Review of Wood, Winter, Hollow [12k1075]

Drowned In Sound (.COM)

In a not dissimilar vein, and on the same label (the prolifically excellent 12k), is Wood, Winter, Hollow, a collaboration between Australian Cameron Webb (Seaworthy) and New York sound artist and 12k head Taylor Deupree. The resulting record is a highly atmospheric journey through snow covered forests (as pictured on the cover). Highly dextrous, yet still well defined, soundscapes provide the crisp white covering on the ground and touches of instrumentation provide the rustling of the wind in the trees and the soft crunch of footsteps on the snowy paths. It’s evocative ambient music at its most sparsely beautiful, especially in the opening stages, with delicately tweaked field recordings and perfectly judged additions melding into a delightfully seamless whole.

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