Review of Between You And The Shapes You Take [12k1078]

Decoder (US)

12k — Taylor Deupree’s Pound Ridge, NY-based label — has been a goldmine for subtly distant and fragile drone experiments since its inception in 1997. Through the years, the label has issued some of the most rewarding efforts by both electronic and acoustic mainstays, including Shuttle358′s blissful glitch masterpieces, Seaworthy’s antiquated and beautiful folk drones, and Giuseppe Ielasi’s striated tone poems, among many others. The label’s also curated collaborations between inexplicably linked artists, highlighted by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Christopher Willits’ disarmingly gorgeous Ocean Fire and Deupree and Marcus Fischer’s In A Place Of Such Graceful Shapes. Falling perfectly in line with 12k’s hallowed catalog, Stephen Vitiello and Molly Berg now return with their second collaborative effort in the form of Between You And The Shapes You Take. “Recap (with Violin)” is the first tune taken from the album and presents the all-consuming melancholy of the duo’s quietly somber sounds. Vitiello’s guitar and tasteful editing play up Berg’s haunting vocals in an exercise of expertly processed improvisation. Play the song below on a frigid Autumn night (or morning) to serve as a warm, aural blanket of sound. Between You And The Shapes You Take is available for preorder now via 12k.

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